Trauma and the Tarot is an online, self guided immersion on using the Tarot as a tool for self care around trauma, taught by Lindsay Mack.

The Tarot can be a profound ally and anchor in moments of mental contraction or brain chemistry, helping us to identify our brain from our soul, and then how to wisely respond to our circumstances from a centered place. It can truly be a beacon of light in profoundly dark moments. Together, we will journey into the basics of how trauma and brain chemistry behave, how Tarot can be a tool to help clarify the truth of the present moment when things feel muddled or unclear, and how we can begin to apply these skills to our day to day life, including the moments in life where we can become triggered. This subject is the backbone and core of my work with the Tarot, and I have had the honor of teaching this subject and material for the last five years. What I share in this workshop was developed through my 22 years of working with the Tarot as an ally and anchor point in my own healing journey through physical abuse, brain chemistry, breakdowns, and complex PTSD.

This mini course will contain 3 hours of pre-recorded, in depth audio lessons on how to begin to utilize the Tarot as an anchor around trauma, how to hold trauma sensitive space for others when reading Tarot, steps for bonding with your deck, and concrete steps to turn to while in crisis. There is also an in depth PDF, containing empowering information, trauma friendly Tarot spreads, and exercises, all to help you massage the material into your knowing and experience.

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A gentle word

I am not a licensed mental health practitioner, and this class is not a substitute for therapy, and/or a psychiatrist/appropriate mental health care. Neither I, or Trauma and the Tarot, claims or intends to fix, treat, heal, or diagnose trauma or any health or medical condition. This class (Trauma and the Tarot) is a supportive guidepost on how to begin to include the Tarot as one of the many anchoring tools in our toolbox of self resourcing in the journey of processing and unraveling trauma within ourselves.

Please note that this material may be triggering, as it can be very triggering to even discuss or think about trauma for some folx. I honor that completely. Please be gentle with yourself, and trust your inner knowing, your body, and your timing when engaging with the material in this class.

This mini course is a deeper continuation of my episode about Trauma and the Tarot on my podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul, which was based on a class I taught with the same name online, at New Women’s Space in Brooklyn, NY, and Otherwild in Los Angeles, CA. It is not a recording of the class I taught in 2018, but a fresh take on the material with new information and structure.

Kindly note that Trauma and the Tarot is not a theory course, and will not go into detail about the meanings of cards.



All of the material is pre-recorded, and self guided (meaning, there are no live elements). Once purchased, it will be yours to keep forever!

All audio materials are fully transcribed.

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated. Please deeply consider your needs before joining the course.



It is my utmost belief that healing should be accessible to all. I am passionate about this material being able to reach and support those on their healing path who may not have the means or ability to afford this content. 

In an effort to live out that belief, we are delighted to announce that there will be rolling applications for need-based scholarship spots for Trauma and the Tarot! 

If you feel in need of the material, but cannot afford the workshop, I want to make it possible for you to be here.

We welcome all survivors and thrivers of trauma who cannot afford the investment to apply. 

We always reserve a portion of our scholarships specifically for BIPOC and LGBTQI2-S folks, as well as anyone whose work revolves around social justice, or trauma/mental health work. 

Again, these are need-based scholarships, so if you can realistically manage the two monthly workshop payments of $22, then we respectfully ask you to allow others to apply who may have greater financial need. Please deeply and honestly consider your own needs before applying.

If you identify as part of one or more of the categories above, I invite you to apply. Scholarships are accepted on a rolling basis, and then reviewed and rewarded on a quarterly basis throughout the year. Thank you so much for your interest!



If you are feeling blessed with abundance, you may sponsor someone’s partial or full tuition for Trauma and the Tarot!

The sponsorship fund allows us to continue to offer a large number of scholarships on a seasonal basis to those who need them. We are also able to purchase Tarot decks for folks who need them, all of which came from your generous and thoughtful donations to the fund. You may donate to the Sponsorship fund by clicking below.