"Calculator is to math as Lindsay's Soul Tarot is to intuition."

Christine Guillot, Merchant Method, Seattle, WA

"Lindsay is, hands down, the most significant mentor and guide in my life. A deep intuitive knowing drew me to her and I thank myself daily for trusting my intuition and laying myself bare in front of her in order to be cleansed by her love, wisdom, guidance and indomitable strength and integrity. The trajectory of my life since our first session has tremendously increased in its depth of alignment with my soul's true purpose and my capacity to navigate the waves of this lunar driven life. To say I am not the woman I was when I first met Lindsay would not be accurate. To say I am a purer expression of my true essence would be closer to the truth. Lindsay is the magical energy that has revealed my luminescence and cleared the noise so that I can see it. My ultimate gratitude is that she has given me the gift of myself. And that is her truest power. She will give you the gift of yourself. If you are ready and willing."

Melanie Herring, Holistic Esthetician and Energy Worker, Brooklyn, NY

"My work with Lindsay has been a game changer. Please honor yourself with working with her; she's the real deal, folks."

AD, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

"I would like to share a special bow of gratitude to Lindsay Mack. This woman is a deep wellspring of wild wisdom. I am a deeply intuitive woman myself, so it is once in a blue moon that I step beyond the realm of my own inner sanctum and consult with an outside source of guidance. However, given the tumultuous and topsy turvy year I've experienced...I felt drawn to sit down with someone I vibe with to have them put up a big, fat mirror, allowing me to see my life and my path a bit more clearly. Holy WOW -- Lindsay. Thank you for sharing that profound gift with me. In my "Wild Soul Session," you lovingly and compassionately held that mirror up and brought forth the exact things that my wild soul needed to hear. Thank you for seeing me, and for offering me the ability to see myself more intimately. I now feel more open than I have in a while, ready to step into this next chapter of my life and accept the full weight of my power as I'm birthed into motherhood. If, like me, you're ready to sit with someone and have them graciously hold up that mirror, I cannot recommend Lindsay enough."

Rachael Alaia, Founder, Wild Soul Wellness

"I can't thank you enough for your love, wisdom and that reading. You just changed not only this entire trip around, but my approach and trust in the next few months. You're so incredibly gifted, it's beautiful to witness and even feel. Thank you so so deeply."

Laurel Flynn, Tarot Reader, Buffalo, NY

"Wow, wow, wow. I am just so blown away and exhilarated at how moving and powerful yesterday was for me -- I am savoring every moment and letting it absorb. You have such a monumental gift, Lindsay, but what is equally important is the gentle, yet so very deep, warm, compassionate and insightful ways in which you impart your considerable wisdom. I feel so very blessed to be working with you and am so very grateful."

Nicole Foos, Los Angeles, CA

"Since I was a little girl seers have been telling me that I have a connection to other energetic planes and that my guides were just standing by waiting to be heard but offering no guidance on how to deepen my practice.  There had been moments and periods over the years where I was able to connect so I knew it was all possible but I found these people to be incredibly frustrating an reckless.  I often walked away from these people feeling like I was being told I own a car but with no information on where my keys are.  How do I use this thing?  Through a series of events I met Lindsay Mack.  As will be true for most people that meet her in life, she is far from accidental or luck.  It didn't take us long before we both new that we would work together.  I had found in her my guide that would help me locate and trust the quietest communications and understand what I had been hearing all along through conversation, meditation and tarot. Our sessions are always nourishing and the format is ever changing.  Her ability to transcribe wisdoms from her guides and often mine confirm my path every time we are together.  Her fearless integration of tarot, mediation and real talk resonates with me on the highest level.  In this time during my Deep Dive and beyond, I can say that I am living in my highest and best as a member of my community who happens to be blessed with the ability to hear more deeply, guide more efficiently and learn without ego.  I take my cues from the wisdoms of my guides who are all around me and with that I feel supported to explore other elements that were not available to me before. Lindsay and her Deep Dive program have been a profound blessing in my life that has brought me face to face with joy, fear, courage and love.  If you have been called to this journey with her, I look you deeply into your eyes, bow down and say DO IT."

Samantha Huggins, Intuitive Doula, Teacher, Healer, Co-Founder, Carriage House Birth

"The first word that comes to mind when I reflect on the work I've done with Lindsay is, "transformative." When I first started working with Lindsay, I was at a major crossroads in my career and interpersonal relationships and my life was largely dictated by fear. Within our first few sessions, Lindsay was able to guide me through major blocks, help me heal deep wounds from my past, and set me on a path of greater clarity, joy and self-care. After a year of working one-on-one with Lindsay, I have more energy, confidence, clarity and trust in myself and my path than I ever have before. She has helped me to radically shift my perceptions from a place of fear and uncertainty to a place of incredible faith and love. Lindsay is one of the most powerful and authentic healers I have worked with. She is truly a guiding light! She is incredibly intelligent, compassionate and hilarious. It is a joy to simply be in her presence! Lindsay's intuitive abilities are incredible. She creates and holds space for others on a level that I believe is truly transcendent. I feel incredibly blessed to call her my teacher, mentor, and friend. If you're ready for a life-changing, life-enhancing, deeply healing and soulful experience, let Lindsay be your guide!"

Jillann Morlan, Intuitive, Writer & Tarot Reader

"After receiving a couple of readings from her, and eventually attending her retreat at Maha Rose North - I had the absolute pleasure of going through a Deep Dive experience with Lindsay this year. My life..my work and my spiritual practice is forever changed because of it.

I'd been working as a full time intuitive healer (read: no "day job" - holy crap, you mean I get to/have to do this for real now...you mean I'm responsible for my practice, income..everything??) for about a year when I'd made the commitment to study with her. I use that word pointedly, working with Lindsay is a truly a commitment - to oneself. I knew that it was time to take my spiritual practice and my career to a level that I would not be able to easily back out of.  My hope, was to be able to deepen my capability as a healer by deepening my communication with Source through Tarot...hence Deep Dive. I had some trepidations about the possibility to truly be taught the study of Soul Tarot. I'd bought my first Tarot deck almost 20 years prior, but hadn't taken seriously my relationship to the practice for over a decade. Plainly put, I didn't think I was capable of interpreting a Tarot reading without the immediate aid of a book. I began our study unsure and timid about who I was as an intuitive. During our study I learned to trust - the cards and my knowledge of them, but perhaps most importantly, I learned to trust the sound of Source within me. In the time since our study, I have certainly achieved the "goal" of deepening a connection with Source through card reading which has given me much steadier footing as a healer. Perhaps more importantly I have further cultivated a deep and loving relationship with Tarot, making it a part of my daily life. Lindsay, who skillfully combines a true mastery of knowledge with kindness, wit and candor was the perfect guide to take me on journey like this. I cannot recommend her or the Deep Dive experience enough."

Liza Fenster/Crow Mother, Intuitive Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer

"During my sessions with Lindsay, I felt so deeply held, honored, and listened to. I gained the courage to move forward with important changes I've been wanting to make in my life. I'm finally listening to my soul's calling (instead of my fears) and starting the new career path that I've been dreaming about."

Dawn Whitehorn, Intuitive Healer, Tarot Reader & Teacher

"Working with Lindsay has truly been a joy, and has significantly helped my development as an intuitive (and as a person in general) on so many levels. She has the ability to hold space in a non-judgmental way so that I feel open, safe, and protected during our sessions. Her teaching technique is modern, relatable, and honest. She has guided me along a path that is my own, and has helped give me the courage to start my own business and trust my own psychic abilities."

Nicole Pivirotto, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Founder of IrisEyris

"Grateful. Relieved. Awakened. Assured. Inspired. Impassioned. Curious. Empowered. How I feel after just four weeks of Lindsay's Immersive Deep Dive Offering."

Meghan Anthony, Opera Singer + Intuitive Tarot Reader

"I was beyond privileged to have a reading by the radiant and deeply beautiful Lindsay. What she told me resonated with me on such an instinctive and intuitive level. My mind is loud, but spirit is a whisper. Expansion and contraction. What I seek is seeking me. It's all happening."

Ariel, Salem, MA

"I started my year off beautifully with an amazing reading from Lindsay. She is a true healer and a deep, knowledgable soul full of wisdom. Thank you so much."

Jessica G, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for your incredible offerings. Your work is so clear and transformational."

Hayley Terris, NYC

"Despite what is happening in the world, I'm still beaming with inspiration and confirmation from our session together. That was hands down the most powerful tarot reading I've ever had.You are such a gifted and powerful vessel. I've revisited the reading recently, and just wanted to thank you again."

Anna C, Intuitive Healer, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you, thank you for our session yesterday! I'm feeling clearer and more present today than I have in weeks. Apropos of your vision of "obsidian" in the reading, the beaches of Iceland (where I went on my honeymoon) were full of it, and it was so moving to me. Bowing to your insight."

GD, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Chicago, IL

"Last week I had the pleasure and honor of connecting with Lindsay Mack for a Soul Tarot Reading to celebrate my 30th birthday and call in guidance for my next solar return. It was a deep, clarifying, and beautiful experience that I'm still processing -- it has already shifted the direction of my life. Friends: if you ever feel stuck, lost, confused; if you need a clear mirror or help connecting with your guides, get in touch with Lindsay. She is a space holder, channel and magician, and she's here for you. Thank you for existing, Lindsay."

Chelsea Rushton, Artist, Calgary, Canada

"I had an amazing reading from Lindsay Mack a few weeks ago, whose recording I've been listening to again this week. Still powerful, resonant, and so helpful. What a beautiful reader and healer Lindsay is." 

MP, Brooklyn, NY

"Just had an amazing and super nourishing Tarot session with Lindsay. Thank you for assisting me to be more comfortable in the void. If you want a really intuitive, real deal experience, book with her. Lindsay holds space in a gentle and supportive way while delivering divine information, supporting you through releasing your "stuff" for the highest good."

SL, Intuitive Reiki Healer, NY

"In my opinion, the word "energy" is overused nowadays. And yet, the first thing I felt when I met Lindsay was, "Wow. This human posesses innate healing energy." During my reading with Lindsay, I felt completely discovered, seen and understood, without having my boundaries encroached upon. Her work is full of whimsical contradictions: her insights are intuitive, yet logically expressed. Her register is highly spiritual, yet she still keeps it real (e.g. she isn't afraid to say "fuck" in the same sentence as "mother earth"). When I walked into my session with Lindsay, I felt muddled, stuck, self-sabotaging and angry. When I left my session, I felt totally free. I understood where these feelings had come from, but they no longer took hold over me. She is incredible in every capacity. A true healer and a magnificent human being."

CL, Poet & Author, Brooklyn, NY

"10 years of therapy in a few hours. Thank you, thank you. My soul said "yes" in agreement with every word that was spoken during our reading. You're amazing, a badass through and through and I am so grateful for our experience last night. Your ability to connect and communicate is truly life changing."

WT, Jackson, MS

"You are amazing! Even weeks after meeting you, I am still high on your beautiful, healing energy! Your reading was not only crazy intuitive, but every word was precious, heartfelt, and extremely deep. It resonated with me on the most spiritual, meaningful level. I've been feeling so much more grounded, balanced and expansive. Thank you so, so much for your warm and insightful words, and the world's greatest HUGS! You're an extremely talented tarot reader, but you're also an amazing and kind human being. I'm so grateful to have met you."

VK, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for such a therapeutic reading! I feel so much lighter and calmer, like a new woman."

Kate Scelsa, Author, Brooklyn NY

"Just experienced the most incredible reading I've ever had with Lindsay. I feel so free, empowered and connected -- my mind is blown. Thank you Lindsay - for your healing gifts and your magical, empowering words. So needed to hear them." 

Rawan Rihani, Aurora Botanica, Brooklyn, NY 

"The sacred tarot reading I received last night from Lindsay blew my mind. It was beyond magical and I'm still floating from all its goodness. Lindsay is a gem and her intuition is so on point. Treat yourself for some serious medicine. Its sooo good."

NS, Brooklyn, NY

"I've had more progress in three readings with you than in years of therapy. You're amazing and your guidance is truly changing my life." 



"Everytime I have a reading with you, it blows my mind. You have a true gift, and I feel so lucky to be able to experience it. Thank you, thank you!"

JP, Los Angeles, CA


"Lindsay Mack is an incredible healer and her readings are really spiritual consultations. I saw her twice in a two-week span and the guidance she provided has been invaluable for me. I’m so impressed and awed by her ability to look at a spread and instantly weave everything together into just what that I need to know. In thirty minutes, Lindsay taught me how to connect with my higher self in a way that radically shifted my way of thinking, and gave me precise messages about how to relate to my mind and how to take care of my body. She effortlessly unpacked what was going on with me, providing guidance through the storm of my confusion. At our second reading, I got confirmation that the work I had done between the two sessions had fundamentally altered my path and life for the better. I cannot tell you how joyous this reading was. Lindsay’s talent and magic aside, she holds an incredibly safe space for you to learn about your essence and your desires. She is patient, compassionate, kind, wise, fun, funny, and just a complete joy to be around. I hope you meet with her—I’ve gotten tarot and readings from many people, and Lindsay is truly remarkable."

Elyssa Jakim, Elyssa Jakim Wellness + co-founder of The Temple of Venus, Brooklyn, NY


"I don't know where I would be without your wisdom and guidance. Our work together has been transformative for me. You're my angel!"

CR, Los Angeles, CA


Lindsay! Thank you thank you for your advice and for your words today. Blowing my mind! I am so lucky and grateful to be working with you as my coach."

Sara Al-Ajroush, Trickponi, Saudi Arabia/NYC

"You are literally changing my life. I've been using the techniques you taught me, for when I feel panic or anxiety attacks coming on. This morning on the train, it really worked. I still had the feelings, but it didn't escalate into an attack. I was so relieved and blown away." 

SL, Philadelphia, PA