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soul tarot school, founded by lindsay mack, is an online center for soul centered tarot learning

When Tarot is intentionally utilized as a tool for the soul's growth, it can aid us in organically releasing identification with fear, ego and brain chemistry. It can assist in healing trauma, and it can be deep medicine in the face of pain. This is Soul Tarot. Developed by Lindsay Mack, Soul Tarot is an unlearning, a reconnection, a re-wilding: it is tarot for a new consciousness. 

Soul Tarot School is an online center for workshops, courses and retreats, all to support an exploration of the Tarot as a mirror to our truth, and to the present moment. The material presented in these classes can help us to re-align with our soul's truth, our inner compass, and our innate wildness. It is here to amplify participants’ unique gifts with the Tarot, nurturing their intuitive connection, and intimacy with the cards. In Soul Tarot, there are no "good" or "bad" cards -- it is all medicine. It views each and every card as an opportunity, an invitation into growth and expansion through life's challenges and contractions. 

Soul Tarot School has been serving the Tarot community for the last four years through private mentorships, in person courses, workshops, classes, online trainings, and retreats. Through her work with the School, Lindsay has trained and taught thousands of people, many of whom have gone on to teach and read professionally. We are dedicated to making our offerings as accessible and affordable as possible, and provide scholarships and sponsorship opportunities for every educational online course or class that we release.

A portion of all proceeds from Soul Tarot School offerings are donated to variety of organizations, such Black Lives Matter, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Safe Horizon, Brooklyn Bail Fund, The Trevor Project, ACLU, NAACP, and Planned Parenthood.