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Tarot for the Wild Soul has been taught at the following locations, some multiple times:

Sonomama, Los Angeles, CA

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA

WMN Space, Los Angeles, CA

Mercado Sagrado, Los Angeles, CA

Free People, New York City

The Ritual Ritual, Philadelphia, PA

Spirit Weavers Gathering, Mendocino, CA 

Golden Folk Wellness, Los Angeles

Of the Wolves, Los Angeles

Maha Rose Center for Healing, Brooklyn, NY

HausWitch, Salem, MA

Space Ninety 8, Brooklyn, NY

RaMa Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Mr Blue Skye, San Diego, CA

Velveteen Rabbit, Las Vegas, NV

Dusty Rose Vintage, Brooklyn, NY

Inquiry Pop-Up, Marfa, TX

Spirit House Collective, Los Angeles, CA

Healing Trauma with the Tarot has been taught in the following locations: 

Otherwild, Los Angeles, CA

New Women's Space, Brooklyn, NY

Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY

Sacred Tarot Ceremonies have been conducted at the following locations: 

Women's March on Washington, D.C.

Ludlow House, New York City

Carriage House Birth, Brooklyn, NY

HausWitch, Salem, MA

Help Your Self, Brooklyn, NY

Active Culture Family, San Diego, CA

Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY

O T H E R   W O R K S H O P S:

Astro + Tarot Forecastco-presented with The Astro Twins

The Wing, New York City

Radiant Rebirth: A Spring Equinox Workshop, co-taught withHeidi Rose Robbins

WMN Space, Los Angeles, CA

Spiralic Evolution:

Life, Death and Rebirth through the lens of the Tarot

Spirit House Collective, Los Angeles, CA


The Alchemy of Tarot + Retrogrades

taught with The AstroTwins

Mercury Rising

The Standard Hotel, NYC

From Fear to Medicine

An Advanced Tarot Workshop

Maha Rose

Brooklyn, NY

Healing the Wild Soul

A Trauma Workshop

Maha Rose

Brooklyn, NY


Mindfulness and Intuition with Limited Food Options

Hofstra University, NY


Peace through Chaos

taught with Diana Scime-Sayegh

Barclays Bank, NY