Several times a year, Soul Tarot School offers downloadable classes and workshops, led by Lindsay, and beautifully filmed and edited by Chase Voorhees. These classes are meant to offer students a highly assessable and affordable source of deep Tarot knowledge. New classes are always being added and created, so please check back regularly! At this time, Lindsay is not hosting any in person workshops or classes. Thank you for your understanding!

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the threshold: A JOURNEY INTO 2019

The Threshold is an guided online journey around the medicine of 2019, taught by Lindsay Mack, presented through the lens of Tarot, magic and ceremony. This offering was created as a structured intuitive download for the year ahead, looking at what we learned this year, what we are releasing, and what we are walking into. Together, we will explore our transition from a High Priestess/Justice year in 2018, to a Hanged Man/Empress year in 2019, and what that means for our collective and individual expansion. There will be an astrological overview of the year, a month by month guideline of the Tarot cards we will be working with in 2019, an honoring of the Equinoxes and Solstices of the coming year, a look at our year and soul cards for the coming year, and spreads to honor the upcoming shift into 2019. The Threshold will contain a 90 minute audio download, a 35 minute guided meditation, and an in depth PDF, packed with spreads, exercises and deep information on the transition ahead.

COST: $33

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Are you frightened or intimidated by The Swords? Do you have trouble interpreting The Swords cards in readings? Do you consistently feel disempowered or scared by what you read about The Swords in Tarot books? Have you struggled with brain chemistry throughout your life? Depression, anxiety, trauma, etc? Do you desire to utilize the Tarot as a tool to help with these emotions? This is the class for you. 

The Swords: Mastering Brain Chemistry is a 2.5 hour deep dive into the medicine and magic of the Swords suit, taught by Lindsay Mack, founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. Together, we will talk about The Swords from Ace to 10 (no Court Cards in this class, as they are really different from the Minors!), viewing these cards through a soul centered lens. Participants will walk away with a completely transformed view of The Swords suit, empowered and reset, available to see these cards in a totally different way. 

COST: $33

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This 3 hour online workshop is a deep dive through the medicine of the Major Arcana, led and taught by Lindsay Mack. The Major Arcana is our gateway to the mysteries of life, and is known as the Macrocosm of the Tarot. Together, we will explore each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, right side up and reversed, through the three lines of the Majors. The flow of our course will be centered in viewing them through the lens of the life/death/life cycle, a concept originated by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women who Run with the Wolves.

COST: $44


SACRED EMBODIMENT: A holy journey through the court cards

This 3 hour online workshop is a deep dive through the medicine of the The Court Cards, taught through the lens of Sacred Embodiment. Sacred Embodiment is an essential ingredient of Soul Tarot – it is the process by which we personalize our connection with the cards, taking our knowledge from theory to experience. Viewing the cards from this perspective helps to evolve and expand the traditional meanings of the cards to ones that resonate for us, that match with our own soul path and experience as a human being on the planet.

COST: $44