Nourishing the Wild Heart is a radical exploration of the sweet cards of the Tarot, taught and facilitated by Lindsay Mack. In this 3.5 hour online audio immersion, we will explore not only the gifts that these cards bring to us, but how to open our hearts to receive their medicine.

Receiving the good, positive, and pleasurable things in life is so hard to do. Trusting in sweetness is equally daunting. Receiving in and of itself is surely one of the most challenging things we are tasked with on this planet. It becomes even more challenging when we add in our feelings of contraction, discomfort, guilt, or shame around receiving, which can lead to a core belief that we are unworthy. This belief can feel so true, that we can spend an entire lifetime inadvertently pushing ease and sweetness away from us. Cracking the heart open, cultivating our courage, and looking into the eye of our feelings of not enough-ness can radically transform our lives.

As with all my work, this offering is trauma informed. How does our relationship with receiving change when we have experienced horrors, pain, abuse, seen the unimaginable? How does our relationship with intimacy, sweetness and love change when we are survivors? Learning to trust the good things in life is a profound journey of reclamation and healing, one that belongs to those who have experienced trauma.

The truth is that sweetness is a birthright. Love is a birthright. Receiving is our birthright. All of us are invited to come back home to that invitation, to nourish our hearts with all that they deserve, in spite of the contractions and feelings that come along with it. The Tarot is an immense ally for this very sacred homecoming.

Nourishing the Wild Heart will weave together teachings and lessons about eleven Tarot cards, each containing a sweet and potent invitation to receive and expand. We will explore the following cards and themes in this offering:

The Empress — Receiving as Birthright

The Lovers — The Holy Mirror

The Star — The Art of Healing

Four of Wands — Ritualized Play

Three of Cups — Sacred Community

Nine of Cups — Tending our Dreams

Ten of Cups — Available Joy

Nine of Pentacles — Pleasure as Nourishment

Ten of Pentacles — Ancestral Unfurling

Page of Cups — The Inner Child

Queen of Pentacles — Nurturing the Vessel

This offering will assist participants in laying their lives down next to these eleven cards, untying the knots of old beliefs, clearing outdated stories, and gently exploring fears about loss and vulnerability amidst joy. These cards in the Tarot are deep allies for this work, helping us to come back home to innate worthiness as our birthright, not as something that needs to be earned. From that place, we can truly begin to embody what it means to nourish our wild, beautiful hearts.

With this offering, you will receive 3.5 hours of pre-recorded audio lessons and material about the eleven cards, and a gorgeous workbook, complete with journal prompts and spreads to assist you in this work. Once purchased, all material will be yours to keep forever.

All audio materials are fully transcribed.

This offering is for anyone who desires to expand their threshold of receiving, sweetness, love, or beauty. It is for anyone who feels that they are unworthy of joy or beauty in life. It is for anyone who does not trust in the wild vulnerability of receiving. It is for anyone who struggles with these cards in the Tarot, or doesn’t know how to work with them. This course will be a guiding star.

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated. Please deeply consider your needs before joining the course.