Dear Deep Divers,

Lindsay here, wishing you all a very happy New Year. I am so grateful that this 2018 cycle is at a close, and look forward to the adventures and blessings that 2019, our Hanged Man/Empress year, has in store for us.

I'm writing with a heavy heart, to let you know that I have decided to cancel Diving Deeper. I want to apologize for this news, and for the inevitable disappointment that it may bring to many of you. I am certainly not cancelling it due to lack of sign ups, or interest, and know that many of you were looking forward to this journey. I was, too. 

The simple reason for cancelling this offering is that I have been dealing with a very intense health condition, one that has been ebbing and flowing for a few months, which flared up about three weeks ago. It is, at times, extremely painful. I am in rigorous physical therapy, very supported, and of course, in deep emotional work as I navigate nurturing and honoring my body's communication through this area. Although I am (blessedly), feeling less pain at the writing of this, I feel wrung out and exhausted, most certainly in a more inward flow. I do believe I could lead you, teach you, and guide you through Diving Deeper, but am choosing to follow my gut, and be gentle with myself in these first few months of the new year. 

It is a lot of labor, emotionally and energetically, for me to be present on a Zoom call — even once a week — for such a large group of people. I don't take that responsibility lightly. Normally, it is a joy, but I am getting a no on it for this time. The cancellation of Diving Deeper is not just honoring my body's timing, but it is a gesture of integrity and respect to your investment in this course. I will most certainly be back, teaching into 2019, but am choosing to take January and February to heal and write and be sweet to myself. 

Thank you for understanding. I never want to be dishonest, or do this work out of alignment or integrity. I love all of you, and hope to work with you again in some form. I am sorry that we were unable to dive together in this way, but trust that we will at the right time. 

Love, Linds